Diagnostic Solutions & Developer / Infrastructure Support

As your consulting partner, Synergy TPC leads the diagnosis of problems and uncertainties related to application codes or their supporting platforms - items related to performance, memory management, and resource consumption, among others - and provides guidance for resolutions. Such service can be provided directly on-site, remotely/virtually or by telephone.

Revision and Evaluation Methods

In addition to traditional evaluation systems, we use other complementary methods that reveal additional information such as: Event registration, which allows identifying if critical incidents occur, users register unusual or unexpected events that affect the system. Impact evaluation, which determines how they affect, change or affect the developed solutions to the areas of the organization in which they are installed. Attitude surveys, through which the collection of ideas or opinions about a system is made, revealing the human side of the system; For this, questionnaires and interviews are used. The data collection methods used during the analysis are as effective as during the post-implementation review. The result of the diagnosis not only indicates how well the system is designed and implemented, but it is a valuable source of information that can be applied to new system projects. On the other hand, we support developers through a resource center, event assistance, process support consulting, recommendations on customized design strategies based on the skills and development objectives of your team, solution design and integration approaches , guide for the scope of the project and continued support throughout the development cycle based on business plans and project plans. Finally, we provide support in system architecture at the highest level, identifying hardware infrastructure, software, and manual operation. Ensuring consistency with the system requirements, relevance of the methods and standards used in the design, compliance with its requirements, operation and maintenance.

Implementation Revision

Synergy TPC provides support in the design and implementation of the process to follow to test the specification given for architecture and design of an application against the existing implementation. This should be a formal process to determine how well the system is working, how it has been accepted and what adjustments are necessary; This review is essential to gather information for system maintenance and to determine latent defects and problems caused by incorrect implementation of a function or specific non-functional service. This activity covers some of the issues related to revisions of architecture, but focused specifically on the code.

Specialized Training

We provide specialized training in relation to technologies, techniques and practices of software development, in areas such as .NET Platform (introductory, intermediate and advanced Framework from 1.0 to 4.5), Patterns Analysis, Architecture, Design and implementation, software development practices, and processes, Objects and software design oriented Programming, Visual Studio ALM (aka Team System), Office development, mobile application development, and others. If your company requires training in an area not listed, you can request such training. Pending availability of appropriate materials and instructors, Synergy will accommodate these requests.

Load and Performance Testing

Synergy TPC assists you with applications that facilitate the determination of behavior under expected operating conditions. This allows us to determine in others the maximum load supported (concurrent users), detect bottlenecking (CPU, memory, disk access, number of processes, bandwidth, simultaneous connections, etc.), provide recommendation for optimizing the configuration of your servers and use of resources, and avoid oversizing. We provide professional guidance to ensure proactive capacity management - facilitating efficient and effective resource management as a critical function in growth.