Definition of Enterprise Architecture

Synergy TPC has broad business consulting experience specifically in Enterprise Architecture where we apply architectural frameworks, such as TOGAF, and best practices and technology standards for a variety of business processes. One of the foundations of our consulting services is to diagnose the current state (as-is), in order to align business objectives with requirements, resulting in the definition (to-be) and Business Architecture and processes, Information Architecture, Infrastructure Architecture, Applications Architecture, reflected in business solutions.

Advantages and Benefits:

Definition of Solution and Software Architectures

Synergy TPC designs the architectural strategies according to the requirements of your Company complying with quality standards; additionally, in concept creation we endeavor to optimize your investment and to ensure that the benefits of each strategy are exploited fully. Synergy TPC serves you thoughtfully, taking into account key organizational, functional and quality attributes, such as security and performance, in the formulation of the final product vision. Commonly, Synergy TPC uses methodologies based on UP development process; we are a very professional team that can take specific processes and methodologies for any business object, balancing priorities and optimizing team collaboration; demonstrating the value iteratively and focusing it on quality. Each activity follows a very detailed plan, wich is specific to each project; prepared by our team according to your needs.

Review of Solution and Software Architecture

Synergy TPC helps your company to contrast the non-functional requirements defined for your applications, with the architecture developed to meet them; using benchmarks and appropriate tools to analyze the gap and identify the impact of the changes to be done. During this review we consider numerous aspects, including the general application-architecture in both hardware and software platforms, security, failure tolerance, and configuration management, monitoring and logging, exception handling, usability, implementation and maintenance, performance, standards compliance, scalability, flexibility, extensibility and reliability among others. To achieve this, Synergy TPC works in a participatory manner, designing scenarios, evaluating similar products, analyzing alternatives and streamlining the technological resources.

We emphasize detailed:

Training and Coaching in Architecture and Implementation

In Synergy TPC, we provide support and mentoring services that include defining architecture and implementation guidelines, and we carry out training to update your knowledge, skills and ability to problem-solve in the software architecture area. Additionally we support your architecture and design team during the process of defining and creating all artifacts related to your project. We provide consulting support to ensure preventive control and the avoidance of design fault injection. Likewise, the Synergy team will also serve the development team during the implementation process of best practices for coding on the selected platform.

Strategic Consulting

All the above mentioned services must go hand in hand with a clear vision of overall business and technology objectives. Support in defining long-term strategies enables the proper development and evolution of technology as an essential part of your business. Knowledge gained from engagement in real-life industry scenarios proves quite valuable in strategic decision making. In general, strategic advice is key to defining and maintaining the enterprise architecture. The most important initiative in the organization is technology strategy for business, value creation, resources and processes optimization, and also the proposing of business needs and solutions as well as innovative mechanisms for generating value.