Definition of Architecture and Configuration of Visual Studio ALM and TFS

Synergy TPC directs your company in the set-up, use and optimized management of Visual Studio ALM tools and Team Foundation Server, supporting the entire process during the life cycle of your applications. We are highly experienced in defining the most appropriate architecture for deploying Visual Studio ALM and each of its components to meet the needs of your organization.

Customizing TFS Process Template

At Synergy TPC we customize process templates to reflect your operational style in the tools and components of Visual Studio ALM, according to best practices.

Definition of Processes and Infrastructure for Development of the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Synergy TPC consults on the management of application life cycles (ALM), which coordinate the flow of people, processes and information in an iterative cycle of software distribution activities. Through this service, processes, procedures, and practices in each of the disciplines are defined, framed in the life cycles of the applications, including the areas of business, development and operations.

Advantages and Benefits:

Revision of the Processes and Development Infrastructure

In many situations, most of the problems found in applications are highly related to the development process followed. Through an exhaustive review of processes and development infrastructure, Synergy TPC helps clients identify and correct the weaknesses in processes and, on a larger scale, redefine some of them. To make this observation and analysis, we, at Synergy TPC, rely on the selection and implementation of support tools, along with best practices.